Fundamentals of Corporate Finance – Stephen Ross – 9th Edition


The ninth edition of the market-leading of builds on the that instructors and students have come to associate with the Ross, Wester field and Jordan series. Fundamentals, 9e blends comprehensive coverage of modern with an emphasis on practical .

Key Features New chapter on Behavioral , providing innovative coverage of the effects of biases and heuristics on financial management Fully revised end of chapter material, continuing the tradition of extremely high quality and Supplement improvements: The Test Bank now includes a new section that mirrors the end-of-chapter problems, and all questions include new tagging specifications that make it even easier for you to quickly sort through questions.

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Table of Contents

PART 1- Overview of Corporate Finance
1 Introduction to Corporate Finance
2 Financial Statements, Taxes, and Cash Flow

PART 2- Financial Statements and Long-Term Financial Planning
3 Working with Financial Statements
4 Long-Term Financial Planning and Corporate Growth

PART 3- Valuation of Future Cash Flows
5 Introduction to Valuation: The Time Value of Money
6 Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
7 Interest Rates and Bond Valuation
8 Stock Valuation

PART 4- Capital Budgeting
9 Net Present Value and Other Investment Criteria
10 Making Capital Investment Decisions
11 Project Analysis and Evaluation

PART 5- Risk and Return
12 Lessons from Capital Market History
13 Return, Risk, and the Security Market Line

PART 6- Cost of Capital and Long-Term Financial Policy
14 Cost of Capital
15 Raising Capital
16 Financial Leverage and Capital Structure Policy
17 Dividends and Dividend Policy

PART 7- Short-Term Financial Planning and Management
18 Short-Term Finance and Planning
19 Cash and Liquidity Management
20 Credit and Inventory Management

PART 8- Topics in Corporate Finance
21 International Corporate Finance
22 Leasing
23 Mergers and Acquisitions

PART 9- Derivative Securities and Corporate Finance
24 Risk Management: An Introduction to Financial Engineering
25 Options and Corporate Securities
26 Behavioral Finance
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