Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering – Giorgio Rizzoni – 1st Edition


Rizzoni’s Fundamentals of Electrical provides a solid overview of the electrical engineering discipline that is especially geared toward the many non-electrical engineering who take this course. The was developed to fit the growing trend of the Intro to EE course morphing into a briefer, less comprehensive course.

The hallmark feature of this text is its liberal use of practical to illustrate important principles. The applications come from every field of engineering and feature exciting . The appeal to non-engineering students are the special features such as Focus on Methodology sections and Make the Connections sidebars.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Electrical Engineering Chapter
2: Fundamentals of Electric Circuits Chapter
3: Resistive Network Analysis Chapter
4: AC Network Analysis Chapter
5: Transient Analysis Chapter
6: Frequency Response and System Concepts Chapter
7: AC Power Chapter
8: Operational Amplifiers Chapter
9: Semiconductors and Diodes Chapter
10: Bipolar Junction Transistors: Operation, Circuit Models, and Applications Chapter
11: Field-Effect Transistors: Operation, Circuit Models, and Applications Chapter
12: Digital Logic Circuits Chapter
13: Principles of Electromechanics Chapter
14: Introduction to Electric Machines
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