Fundamentals of Engineering Economics – Chan S. Park – United States Ed


New from the author of the best-selling Contemporary , Fundamentals of offers concise, but in-depth coverage of all fundamental topics of .

A four-part organization outlines an understanding of money and its management, how to evaluate business and engineering assets, .the development of cash flows, and special topics in engineering . For individuals interested in the field of industrial, civil, and .

Table of Contents

I Understanding Money and Its Management
1 Engineering Economic
2 Time Value of Money
3 Understanding Money Management
4 Equivalence Calculations under Inflation

II Evaluating Business and Engineering Assets
5 Present-Worth Analysis
6 Annual Equivalence Analysis
7 Rate-of-Return Analysis

III Development of Project Cash Flows
8 Accounting for Depreciation and Income Taxes
9 Project Cash Flow Analysis
10 Handling Project Uncertainty
11 Replacement Decisions
12 Benefit-Cost Analysis
13 Understanding Financial Statements
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