Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics – Moran & Shapiro – 6th Edition


New text elements and features are incorporated into the content to facilitate reading and study of materials. Each chapter begins with a clear definition of its objectives. In the margin, coordinated with the text, a series of keywords are listed. Each chapter concludes with a Summary and a Study Guide.

Each chapter presents a set of issues for discussion under the heading Questions for reflection, to develop a greater understanding of the text, to promote critical thinking and to be able to solve test questions. The figures in the text now provide more realistic of real-world systems. Comprehensive review of the examples solved and the included in each chapter, which are now classified to facilitate their selection. Problems are included that are recommended for computer use and are identified with an icon.

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  • 1 Introducción
    2 Energía y la primera ley de la termodinámica
    3 Evaluación de Propiedades
    4 Control de volumen, análisis de uso de la energía
    5 Segunda ley de la termodinámica
    6 Uso de la entropía
    7 Análisis exergético
    8 Sistemas de alimentación de vapor
    9 Sistemas de alimentación de gas
    10 Sistemas de refrigeración y bombas de calor
    11 Relaciones termodinámicas
    12 Mezclas de gases ideales y aplicaciones
    13 Mezclas de reacción y de combustión
    14 Química y de fase de equilibrio
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