Fundamentals of Manufacturing Supplement – Philip Rufe – 2nd Edition


Whether you are an considering technologist certification through SME, or a non-engineer seeking to communicate more intelligently about manufacturing-related issues, this revised edition provides virtually all the information you need to know.

The book is based singularly on the “Body of ” required to obtain the Certified Manufacturing Technologist (CMfgT) designation — the basis for obtaining more advanced certification.

Fifteen manufacturing experts, including educators, practitioners in the field, and subject matter specialists have checked the content for relevancy, accuracy, and clarity, guaranteeing focused self-study and solid answers to regarding the . The major areas of manufacturing science reviewed include mathematics, , and metallurgy, drawing, planning and strategy, and metrics and the SI system.

Table of Contents

Chapter 48: Personal Effectiveness
Chapter 49: Machining Processes Analysis
Chapter 50: Forming Processes Analysis
Chapter 51: Joining and Fastening Analysis
Chapter 52: Deburring and Finishing Analysis
Chapter 53: Fixture and Jig Design
Chapter 54: Advanced Quality Analysis
Chapter 55: Engineering Economics Analysis
Chapter 56: Management Theory and Practice
Chapter 57: Industrial Safety, Health, and Environmental Management
Appendix E: Calculating the Time Value of Money
Appendix F: Review Question Answers
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