Fundamentals Of Physics – Halliday, Resnick – 5th Edition


The first edition of Physics for students of science and appeared in 1960; This new edition, the fifth, is available in separate volumes: Volume 1 (chapters 1 through 26) covers kinematics, mechanics and thermodynamics, and volume 2 (chapters 27-48) covers and .

In this edition we have an version of volume 2 (chapters 27 to 56) with eight additional chapters that present an introduction to physics and some of .

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Measurements
Chapter 2. One-dimensional movement
Chapter 3. Vectors
Chapter 4. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional motion
Chapter 5. Force and Newton's Laws
Chapter 6. Particle dynamics
Chapter 7. Work and energy
Chapter 8. Conserving energy
Chapter 9. Particle systems
Chapter 10. Collisions
Chapter 11. Kinematics of rotation
Chapter 12. Rotation Dynamics
Chapter 13. Angular momentum
Chapter 14. Balance of rigid bodies
Chapter 15. Swings
Chapter 16. Gravitation
Chapter 17. Fluid Statics
Chapter 18. Fluid dynamics
Chapter 19. Wave Motion
Chapter 20. Sound waves
Chapter 21. The special theory of relativity
Chapter 22. Temperature
Chapter 23 The kinetic theory and ideal gas
Chapter 24. Statistical mechanics
Chapter 25 Heat and the first law of thermodynamics
Chapter 26. Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics

Chapter 27. The electric charge and coulumb's law
Chapter 28. The electric field
Chapter 29. The law of gauss
Chapter 30. The electric potential
Chapter 31. Trainers and Dielectrics
Chapter 32. Current and resistance
Chapter 33. DC Circuits
Chapter 34. The magnetic field
Chapter 35. The law of ampere
Chapter 36. The law of faraday induction
Chapter 37. Magnetic Properties of Matter
Chapter 38. The inductance
Chapter 39. AC circuits
Chapter 40. Maxwell equations
Chapter 41. Electromagnetic waves
Chapter 42. The nature and propagation of light
Chapter 43. Reflection and refraction on flat surfaces
Chapter 44. Spherical mirrors and lenses
Chapter 45. Interference
Chapter 46. Diffraction
Chapter 47. Grids and spectra
Chapter 48. Polarization
Chapter 49. Light and quantum physics
Chapter 50. Wave Nature of Matter
Chapter 51. Structure of the hydrogen atom
Chapter 52. Atomic Physics
Chapter 53. Electrical Conduction of Solids
Chapter 54. Nuclear Physics
Chapter 55. Core Energy
Chapter 56. Particle Physics and Cosmology
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