Fundamentals of Signals and Systems – Michael J. Roberts – 1st Edition


Signals captures the mathematical beauty of signals and systems and offers a student-centered, pedagogically approach. The author has a clear understanding of the issues face in learning the material and does a superior job of addressing these issues.

The is intended to cover a one-semester sequence in Signals and for juniors in engineering. This text is created in modular format, so instructors can select chapters within the framework that they teach this course. In addition, this text offers ARIS, McGraw-Hill’s Homework Management System, which includes 100 static problems from which can use for practice.

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  • 1 Introduction
    2 Mathematical Description of Continuous-Time Signals
    3 Mathematical Description of Discrete-Time Signals
    4 Properties of Continuous-Time Systems
    5 Properties of Discrete-Time Systems
    6 Time-Domain Analysis of Continuous-Time Systems
    7 Time-Domain Analysis of Discrete-Time Systems
    8 The Continuous-Time Fourier Series
    9 The Discrete-Time Fourier Series
    10 The Continuous-Time Fourier Transform
    11 The Discrete-Time Fourier Transform
    12 Continuous-Time Fourier Transform Analysis of Signals and Systems
    13 Discrete-Time Fourier Transform Analysis of Signals and Systems
    14 Sampling and the Discrete Fourier Transform
    15 The Laplace Transform
    16 The z Transform
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