Fundamentals of Signals and Systems – Michael J. Roberts – 1st Edition


Signals Systems captures the mathematical beauty of and offers a -centered, pedagogically driven approach. The author has a clear understanding of the issues face in learning the material and does a superior job of addressing these issues.

The is intended to cover a one-semester sequence in Signals and Systems for juniors in . This text is created in modular format, so instructors can select chapters within the framework that they teach this course. In addition, this text offers ARIS, McGraw-Hill’s Homework Management , which includes 100 static problems from which students can use for .

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Mathematical Description of Continuous-Time Signals
3 Mathematical Description of Discrete-Time Signals
4 Properties of Continuous-Time Systems
5 Properties of Discrete-Time Systems
6 Time-Domain Analysis of Continuous-Time Systems
7 Time-Domain Analysis of Discrete-Time Systems
8 The Continuous-Time Fourier Series
9 The Discrete-Time Fourier Series
10 The Continuous-Time Fourier Transform
11 The Discrete-Time Fourier Transform
12 Continuous-Time Fourier Transform Analysis of Signals and Systems
13 Discrete-Time Fourier Transform Analysis of Signals and Systems
14 Sampling and the Discrete Fourier Transform
15 The Laplace Transform
16 The z Transform
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