Fundamentals of Probability and Statistics for Engineers – T. T. Song – 1st Edition


Fundamentals of and Statistics for Engineers differs from others in the field in that it has been prepared very much with students and their needs in mind, having been classroom tested over many years. It is a true “learner’s book” made for students who require a deeper understanding of probability and statistics.

It presents the fundamentals of the subject along with concepts of probabilistic modelling, and the process of model selection, verification and analysis. Furthermore, the inclusion of more than 100 examples and 200 exercises (carefully selected from a wide range of topics), along with a manual for instructors, means that this text is of real value to students and lecturers across a range of disciplines.

Key features:

  1. Presents the fundamentals in and statistics along with relevant applications.
  2. Explains the concept of probabilistic and the process of model selection, verification and analysis.
  3. Definitions and theorems are carefully stated and topics rigorously treated.
  4. Includes a chapter on analysis.
  5. Covers design of experiments.
  6. Demonstrates practical problem solving throughout the with numerous examples and exercises purposely selected from a variety of fields.
  7. Includes an accompanying online Manual for instructors containing complete step-by-step solutions to all problems.
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  • Preface.
    1. Introduction.

    Part A: Probability and Random Variables.
    2. Basic Probability Concepts.
    3. Random Variables and Probability Distributions.
    4. Expectations And Moments.
    5. Functions of Random Variables.
    6. Some Important Discrete Distributions.
    7. Some Important Continuous Distributions.

    Part B: Statistical Inference, Parameter Estimation, and Model Verification.
    8. Observed Data and Graphical Representation.
    9. Parameter Estimation.
    10. Model Verification.
    11. Linear Models and Linear Regression.

    Appendix A: Tables.
    Appendix B: Computer Software.
    Appendix C: Answers to Selected Problems.
    Subject Index.
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