General Chemistry – Darrell Ebbing, Steven D. Gammon – 10th Edition


The tenth edition of this market-leading text has been substantially revised to meet the rapidly changing instructional demands of professors.

Known for its carefully developed, thoroughly integrated, step-by-step approach to problem solving, helps master quantitative skills and build a lasting conceptual understanding of key concepts. The tenth edition retains this hallmark approach and builds upon the conceptual focus through key new features and revisions.

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Table of Contents

<strong>Part I: Basics of Chemistry.</strong>

1.Chemistry and Measurement.
2. Atoms, Molecules, and Ions.
3.Calculations with Chemical Formulas and Equations.
4. Chemical Reactions.
5. The Gaseous State.
6. Thermochemistry.

<strong>Part II: Atomic and Molecular Structure</strong>

7. Quantum Theory of the Atom.
8. Electron Configurations and Periodicity.
9. Ionic and Covalent Bonding
10. Molecular Geometry and Chemical Bonding Theory.

<strong>Part III: States of Matter and Solutions.</strong>

11. States of Matter; Liquids and Solids
12. Solutions.
13. Rates of Reaction
14. Chemical Equilibrium.
15. Acids and Bases
16. Acid-Base Equilibria
17. Solubility and Complex-Ion Equilibria
18. Thermodynamics and Equilibrium.
19. Electrochemistry.
20. Nuclear Chemistry
21. Chemistry of the Main-Group Elements.
22. The Transition Elements and Coordination Compounds.
23. Organic Chemistry
24. Polymer Materials: Synthetic and Biological.

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