Guide to Energy Management – Klaus-Dieter Pawlik – 5th Edition


The new edition of a bestseller, this book is one of the leading educational resources for energy manager or energy professional as well as new people enter the field of energy management and energy . It is the most widely used and , as well as one of the most widely used for professional development training.

New topics include energy auditing, energy bills, life cycle , electrical distribution systems, boilers, steam distribution systems, control systems and , energy systems maintenance, insulation, compressed air, renewable energy sources and water management, generation, and creating green buildings.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Energy Management
Chapter 2: The Energy Audit Process: An Overview
Chapter 3: Understanding Energy Bill
Chapter 4: Economic Analysis and Life Cycle Costing
Chapter 5: Lighting
Chapter 6: Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning
Chapter 7: Combustion Processes and the Use of Industrial Wastes
Chapter 8: Steam Generation and Distribution
Chapter 9: Control Systems and Computers
Chapter 10: Maintenance
Chapter 11: Insulation
Chapter 12: Process Energy Management
Chapter 13: Renewable Energy Sources and Water
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