Handbook of Industrial Chemistry – Mohammad Farhat Ali – 1st Edition


This is the definitive guide for the general chemical analyzes of non-petroleum based products such as paints, dyes, oils, fats, and waxes. It is packed with chemical tables, formula, and equations. It covers all of the industries which use chemicals.

It includes information which ranges from basic to complex. It features physical properties for the most common chemicals.

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  • *Introduction: an overview of the chemical process industry and primary raw materials / Mohammad Farhat Ali
    *Safety considerations in process industries / Bassam El Ali
    *Industrial pollution prevention / Bassam El Ali
    *Edible oils, fats, and waxes / Mohammad Farhat Ali
    *Soaps and detergents / Bassam El Ali
    *Sugar / Mohammad Farhat Ali
    *Paints, pigments, and industrial coatings / Mohammad Farhat Ali
    *Dyes: chemistry and applications / Mohammad Farhat Ali
    *Industrial fermentation / Manfred J. Mirbach
    *The pharmaceutical industry / Bassam El Ali
    *Agrochemicals / Manfred J. Mirbach
    *Chemical explosives and propellants / Bassam El Ali
    *Petroleum and petrochemicals / Dr. James G. Speight
    *Synthetic polymers / Hasan A. Al-Muallem.
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12/02/2017 4:55 am

This set of books is a good indication of the British view of what is the discipline of chemical engineering: “Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer”; “Separation Processes”; “Chemical Reaction Engineering”; and “Process Design”. The first two volumes of “Coulson and Richardson” were initially part of the McGraw-Hill Series in Chemical Engineering in 1954. Thanks 🙂

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