Handbook of Manufacturing Processes – James G. Bralla – 1st Edition


Unlike any other , is an in-depth compilation of the workings of more than 1500 different manufacturing processes in metalworking, chemicals, textiles, plastics, ceramics, , and food industries; as well as how more than 600 important products, components, materials are made. Logically organized in two sectionsa section and a products sectionit describes clearly and succinctly the operations performed in the worlds factories.

Heavily illustrated, it is a comprehensive source of technical manufacturing information that manufacturing engineers and managers, process engineers, and anyone who has an interest in or needs to know about manufacturing operations and products will not easily find anywhere else.

Table of Contents

  1. Casting Processes

  2. Metal Forming Processes

  3. Machining Processes

  4. Processes for Plastics

  5. Glass and Ceramic Processes

  6. Woodworking Processes

  7. Assembly and Fusion (or Joining) Processes

  8. Finishing Processes (including Heat Treating)

  9. Paper, Fiber, and Printing Processes

  10. Textile Processes

  11. Chemical Processes

  12. Food Processes

  13. Processes for Electronic Products

  14. Advanced Manufacturing Methods

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