Head First C# – Andrew Stellman, Jennifer Greene – 2nd Edition


C# is a complete learning experience for learning how to program with C#, XAML, the .NET Framework, and Visual Studio. Fun and highly visual, this introduction to C# is designed to keep you engaged and entertained from first page to last.

You’ll build a fully functional video in the opening chapter, and then learn how to use classes and object-oriented programming, draw graphics and animation, and query data with LINQ and serialize it to files. And you’ll do it all by creating games, solving puzzles, and doing hands-on projects. By the time you’re done, you’ll be a solid C# programmer—and you’ll have a great time along the way!

  1. Create a fun arcade in the first chapter, and build games and other projects throughout the
  2. Learn how to use XAML to design attractive and interactive pages and windows
  3. Build modern Windows Store apps using the latest Microsoft technology
  4. Learn WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) using the downloadable WPF Learner’s Guide
  5. Using the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern to create robust
  6. Build a bonus Windows Phone and run it in the Visual Studio Windows Phone emulator

Projects in the work with all editions of Visual Studio, including the free Express editions.

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Table of Contents

1 Get Productive with C#: Visual Applications, in 10 minutes or less
2 It’s All Just Code: Under the hood
3 Objects: Get Oriented!: Making code make sense
4 Types and References: It’s 10:00. Do you know where your data is?
5 Encapsulation: Keep your privates... private
6 Inheritance: Your object’s family tree
7 Interfaces and Abstract Classes: Making classes keep their
8 Enums and Collections; Storing lots of data
9 Reading and Writing Files: Save the byte array, save the world
10 Exception Handling: Putting out fires gets old
11 Events and Delegates: What your code does when you’re not
12 Review and Preview: Knowledge, power, and building cool stuff
13 Controls and Graphics: Make it pretty
14 Captain Amazing: The Death of the Object
15 LINQ: Get control of your data

Appendix Leftovers: The top 11 things we wanted to include in this book
#1. The Basics
#2. Namespaces and assemblies
#3. Use BackgroundWorker to make your UI responsive
#4. The Type class and GetType()
#5. Equality, IEquatable, and Equals()
#6. Using yield return to create enumerable objects
#7. Refactoring
#8. Anonymous types, anonymous methods, and lambda expressions
#9. Serializing data using DataContractSerializer
#10. LINQ to XML
#11. Windows Presentation Foundation

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