Heat and Mass Transfer: A Practical Approach – Yunus Cengel – 3rd Edition


With complete coverage of the basic principles of heat transfer and a broad range of applications in a flexible format, Heat and Mass Transfer: A Practical Approach provides the perfect blend of fundamentals and applications.

The text provides a highly intuitive and practical understanding of the material by emphasizing the physics and the underlying physical phenomena involved.

Key: Text covers the standard topics of heat transfer with an emphasis on physics and real-world every day applications, while de-emphasizing the intimidating heavy mathematical aspects. This approach is designed to take advantage of students’ intuition, making the learning process easier and more engaging. Key: The new edition will add helpful web-links for students.

Key: 50% of the Homework Problems including design, computer, essay, lab-type, and FE problems are new or revised to this edition. Using a reader-friendly approach and a conversational writing style, the book is self-instructive and entertains while it teaches. It shows that highly technical matter can be communicated effectively in a simple yet precise language.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction and Basic Concepts
2 Heat Conduction Equation
3 Steady Heat Conduction
4 Transient Heat Conduction
5 Numerical Methods in Heat Conduction
6 Fundamentals of Convection
7 External Forced Convection
8 Internal Forced Convection
9 Natural Convection
10 Boiling and Condensation
11 Heat Exchangers
12 Fundamentals of Thermal Radiation
13 Radiation Heat Transfer
14 Mass Transfer

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