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In this section we have some guidelines for you to have an easier browsing experience through our web page, and so you can get the most out of it. For this we will explain some of the most frequent questions regarding the content of our site.

Download eBooks online for free

All books that we share on this site are the property of their respective authors and publishers, therefore we do not sell them. Keep in mind that all the information shared is only for private, non-commercial use. (see privacy policy)

If you have the economic capacity to acquire the books, we suggest that you buy it and thus contribute to the work of the author of the book.

That’s right, ALL the publications we have of Books and Solutions can be downloaded for FREE.


NEVER give private data to any web that requests it; that is, NEVER give your phone number or private data on any page that requests it. If you do so, you must take into account what the specific page says.

So, why are you asking me for that information to download? As you will understand most of the download websites use the same type of advertising; and advertisers in many cases try to confuse users with this type of ads.

To avoid these confusions and to successfully download without giving anything in return, visit the next question.

The download links are at the end of the post, after the table of contents, as shown below.

This container has the Download Links.

In this video we describe the steps to download the eBooks and Solutions published on our page.

If you require more detailed information, here we leave you step by step.

  1. Go to the post you want to download.
  2. At the bottom, look for the container that says Download.
  3. If you are asked to unblock links , use one of the social media buttons found there to access the links.
  4. Click on the (EB or SM) link that you want to download.
  5. A new tab will open with advertising.
  6. The window at the top right contains a countdown of 5 seconds. Wait for 5 seconds and click on “Skip Advertising” .
  7. In the next Complete the Captcha and click on the continue button.
  8. The page will be reloaded and the download will start automatically.

If clicking on the links the page that opens is blank, a box like the one in the following image appears or the countdown of 5 seconds does not start, disable the AdBlock extension of your browser to proceed.

Cómo descargar
If you have another type of problem contact us throughthese means to help you.

Sometimes some files are temporarily disabled (24 hours), due to the high flow of downloads, which overflows the bandwidth on the server where the file is hosted.

If in the publication you need to download this happens, leave a comment there indicating the problem to correct it in a short time. Or use the form found in the container of links, to report broken links.

We do not use download servers, but hosting services for cross-platform files in the cloud, so we can offer you files that are always online, basically with a direct download, without filling capes, or having to visit other download pages.

We clarify that these are services provided by servers of general use, obviously they are not our property, so any problem with them is NOT our responsibility.

None of our files have a password. If you can not open a file, make sure that the downloaded file does not present any problems or try to download it again.

We make sure there are no damaged files or file errors. All the files are checked before being published, However, if you can not see any of the files you can report it by leaving a comment on the publication.

All of our files are compressed with Winrar, but any compressor will serve to open them and extract their content; In addition, most of the Books and Solutions that we publish are in format PDF,except for a few cases that are in format DJVU.

If you need the software to open the files or to visualize them, then we leave the links to download these tools for free use.

About the Posts

Only “Some” Books have a solutions manual, and not in all editions; our priority is to publish the solutions manual along with the Book in its respective edition so that the exercises of the Book coincide with those of the solutions manual.

If you only find the Book in a publication it is because we do not have the solutions manual for that Edition; or maybe there is no such, and perhaps you should look at another edition. Only the most recent editions have solutions manual.

We offer all the copies you have available to review at any time. They are mostly contributed by users. If you do not see the title that interests you here, we are very sorry but we can not provide it to you.


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But you can also leave your doubt in the comments of the post.

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