How Not to Program in C++ – Steve Oualline – 1st Edition


Find the bugs in these broken programs and become a better programmer. Based on real-world errors, the puzzles range from easy (one wrong character) to mind twisting ( with multiple threads). Match your wits against the author’s and polish your language skills as you try to fix broken programs. Clues help along the way, and answers are provided at the back of the book.

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Table of Contents

Part I: Programs
Chapter 1: In the beginning
Chapter 2: Starting out on the wrong foot
Chapter 3: One character wonders
Chapter 4: Everyday problems
Chapter 5: C code, C code break
Chapter 6: Premature breakage
Chapter 7: Classes with no class
Chapter 8: Expert confusion
Chapter 9: Portage to hell
Chapter 10: A few working programs
Chapter 11: Threaded, embedded - Dreaded
Part II: Hints
Part III: Answers

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