Integrated Electronics Analog and Digital Circuits and Systems – J. Millman, C. Halkias – 1st Edition


Nearly all major semiconductor devices are examined for internal behavior, external variables, analog and digital applications, and uses in smalland large-signal and integrated- construction.

This could be considered to sit somewhere between Dr. Malvino’s Electronic Principles (college level approach and easier to grasp) and Dr. Giacoletto’s Electronic Designers’ Handbook (university to PhD / advanced designer level and with equations from one side of the page to the other).

Dr. Millman does introduce simplifications since accurate models of behavior involve complex physics. Be prepared to work hard. Discusses and analyzes OpAmps and some IC and digital with / but mostly an emphasis on discrete component designs.

If you want to avoid the inherent shortcuts that IC chips provide in and so gain a first class grasp of how to analyze and circuits that work, this is a first class text.

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Table of Contents

1. Energy Bands in Solids
2. Transport Phenomena in Semiconductors
3. Junction-Diode Characteristics
4. Diode Circuits
5. Transistor Characteristics
6. Digital Circuits
7. Integrated Circuits: Fabrication and Characteristics
8. The Transistor at Low Frequencies
9. Transistor Biasing and Thermal Stabilization
10. Field-effect Transistors
11. The Transistor at High-Frequencies
12. Multistage amplifiers
13. Feedback Amplifiers
14. Stability and Oscillators
15. Operational Amplifiers
16. Integrated Circuits as Analog System Building Blocks
17. Integrated Circuits as Digital System Building Blocks
18. Power Circuits and Systems
19. Semiconductor-device Physics
A. Probable Values of Physical Constants
B. Conversion Factors and Prefixes
C. Problems

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