Intermediate Microeconomics: A Modern Approach – Hal R. Varian – 8th Edition


Varian is the ”Adam of the new discipline of Googlenomics.”-Stephen Levy, Wired For over 20 years Hal Varian’s Intermediate has given the most current and complete coverage of intermediate microeconomics at an appropriate mathematical level. The Eighth Edition includes contemporary case studies and examples and relevant coverage of the current crisis”all in focused, lecture-length chapters.

This is an ideal bridge between undergraduate micro and graduate level micro of Mass Collel or Jehle-Reny. The exposition of concepts is lucid. And use of is minimal. For more rigorous mathematical treatment of the subject refer to the above stated two

Table of Contents

1 The market
2 Budget constraint
3 Preferences
4 Utility
5 Choice
6 Demand
7 Revealed preference
8 Slutsky equation
9 Buying and selling
10 Intertemporal choice
11 Asset markets
12 Uncertainty
13 Risky assets
14 Consumer's surplus
15 Market demand
16 Equilibrium
17 Auctions
18 Technology
19 Profit maximization
20 Cost minimization
21 Cost curves
22 Firm supply
23 Industry supply
24 Monopoly
25 Monopoly behavior
26 Factor markets
27 Oligopoly
28 Game theory
29 Game applications
30 Behavioral economics
31 Exchange
32 Production
33 Welfare
34 Externalities
35 Information technology
36 Public goods
37 Asymmetric information
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