Introduction to Graphics Communications for Engineers – Gary R. Bertoline – 4th Edition


Introduction to Graphics for , Fourth Edition, is a concise introductory engineering drawing text, intended for use in technical drawing or engineering graphics courses at two- and four-year schools or other programs.

Powerful computers and CAD software are of little use to engineers who do not fully understand the fundamentals of graphics principles and 3-D modeling strategies, or do not possess a level of visualization ability. Because of this, Bertoline concentrates on the concepts and skills necessary to sketch and create 2-D drawings and 3-D CAD models.

A strong emphasis on in is found throughout, reinforcing the real and practical ways that technical graphics skills are used by engineers.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Graphics Communications
2. Sketching and Text
3. Section and Auxiliary Views
4. Dimensioning and Tolerancing Practices
5. Reading and Constructing Working Drawings
6. Design and 3-D Modeling
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