Introduction to Internal Combustion Engines – Richard Stone – 2nd Edition


The most comprehensive, truly introductory text on internal engines. A valuable reference for studying the internal engine and for needing a practical overview of the subject, this edition includes new material covering fuel chemistry, additive performance and geometry turbocharging.

– Is ideal for students who are following specialist options in , and also for students at earlier stages in their courses – especially with regard to laboratory work
– Will be useful to practising engineers for an overview of the subject, or when they are working on particular aspects of engines that are new to them
– Is fully updated including new material on direct injection spark engines, supercharging and renewable fuels

Table of Contents

Thermodynamic principles
Combustion and fuels
Spark Ignition Engines
Compression Ignition Engines
Induction and Exhaust Processes
Two-Stroke Engines
In-cylinder Motion and Turbulent Combustion
Engine Modelling
Mechanical Design Considerations
Heat Transfer in Internal Combustion Engines
Experimental Facilities
Case Studies
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