Introduction to Mechanical of Fluids – Fox and McDonald’s – 8th Edition


Through seven editions, & ’s Introduction to Fluid has been one of the most widely adopted in the field.

This new eighth edition continues to provide readers with a balanced and comprehensive approach to mastering critical concepts, incorporating a proven problem-solving methodology that helps readers develop an orderly plan to finding the right , including relating results to expected behavior.

The eighth edition features co-author, Philip , has introduced new material to motivate readers’ interest in fluid mechanics through exciting , such as case studies relating to and the ISSUES, and new videos demonstrating fluid mechanics principles.

Table of Contents

2.Fundamental Concepts
3.Fluid Statics
4.Basic Equations in Integral Form for a Control Volume
5.Introduction to Differential Analysis of Fluid Motion
6.Incompressible Inviscid Flow
7.Dimensional Analysis and Similitude
8.Internal Incompressible Viscous Flow
9.External Incompressible Viscous Flow
10.Open Channel Flow
11.Fluid Machinery
12.Introduction to Compressible Flow
13.Steady Compressible Flow
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