Introduction Physical Science – James T. Shipman, Jerry D. Wilson, Aaron W. Todd – 12th Edition


This Laboratory Guide contains 55 experiments in the five major divisions of science: , chemistry, , , and meteorology. Each includes an introduction, objectives, a list of apparatus, for taking data, and questions. In addition, many experiments call for calculations and the plotting of , and this guide provides space and graph paper for those purposes.

Table of Contents

1. Measurement
2. Motion
3. Force and Motion
4. Work and Energy
5. Temperature and Heat
6. Waves
7. Optics and Wave Effects
8. Electricity and Magnetism
9. Atomic Physics
10. Nuclear Physics
11. The Chemical Elements
12. Chemical Bonding
13. Chemical Reactions
14. Organic Chemistry
15. Place and Time
16. The Solar System
17. Moons and Small Solar System Bodies
18. The Universe
19. The Atmosphere
20. Atmospheric Effects
21. Structural Geology and Plate Tectonics
22. Minerals, Rocks, and Volcanoes
23. Surface Processes
24. Geologic Time
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