Introduction to Electric Circuits – Richard C. Dorf, James A. Svoboda – 8th Edition


The central theme of “Introduction to electrical circuits” is the concept that electrical are a part of the basic of modern technology. Taking this into account, this book strives to show how the of electrical are inextricably linked to the engineer’s ability to design electronic complexes, communication, systems and control.

It is designed for a in electrical and analysis of circuits, and is structured for maximum flexibility with the intention of highlighting the that support the physical operations, of integrated circuits and systems.

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  • Chapter 1 Electric Circuit Variables.
    Chapter 2 Circuit Elements.
    Chapter 3 Resistive Circuits.
    Chapter 4 Methods of Analysis of Resistive Circuits.
    Chapter 5 Circuit Theorems.
    Chapter 6 The Operational Amplifier.
    Chapter 7 Energy Storage Elements.
    Chapter 8 The Complete response of RL And RC Circuits.
    Chapter 9 The Complete Response of Circuits With Two Energy Storage Elements.
    Chapter 10. Sinusoidal Steady-State Analysis.
    Chapter 11 AC Steady-State Power.
    Chapter 12 Three-Phase Circuits.
    Chapter 13 Frequency Response.
    Chapter 14 The Laplace Transform.
    Chapter 15 Fourier Series and Fourier Transform.
    Chapter 16 Filter Circuits.
    Chapter 17 Two-Port and Three-Port Networks.
    Appendix A Getting Started with PSpice.
    Appendix B MATLAB, Matricies and Complex Arithmetic.
    Appendix C Mathematical Formulas.
    Appendix D Standard Resistor Color Code.
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