Introduction to Fluid Mechanics – Fox, McDonald – 6th Edition


Fox & provide a balanced and comprehensive approach to fluid that arms readers with proven problem–solving methodology! The authors show how to develop an orderly plan to solve problems: starting from basic equations, then clearly stating assumptions, and finally, relating results to expected behavior. This new edition simplifies many of the steps involved in analysis by using the computer application Excel.

Over 100 detailed example problems illustrate important fluid concepts:
Approximately 1300 end–of–chapter problems are arranged by difficulty level and include many problems that are designed to be solved using Excel.
The CD for the book includes: A Brief Review of Microsoft Excel and numerous Excel files for the example problems and for use in solving problems.

The new edition includes an expanded discussion of pipe networks, and a new section on oblique shocks and expansion

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  • Chapter 1 Introduction
    Chapter 2 Fundamental Concepts
    Chapter 3 Fluid Static
    Chapter 4 Basic Equations Integral For A Control Volume
    Chapter 5 Introduction to Differential Analysis of the Motion of a Fluid
    Chapter 6 Incompressible Flow Not Viscous
    Chapter 7 Dimensional Analysis And Similarity
    Chapter 8 Incompressible Internal Flow Viscous Part A
    Chapter 9 External Flow Incompressible Viscous Part B
    Chapter 10 Flow In Open Channels
    Chapter 11 Hydraulic Machinery
    Chapter 12 Introduction to Compressible Flow
    Chapter 13 Compressible, One-Dimensional, Stable Flow
    APPENDICES A Fluid Properties Data
    B Equations of Motion in Coordinate Cubic
    C Video Tapes And Films Of Fluid Mechanics
    D Selection of Operating Curves for Pumps and Fans
    E Tables For Calculation Of Compressible Flow
    F Analysis of Experiential Uncertainty
    G Units, Prefixes and SI Conversion Factors
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