Introduction to Probability Models – Sheldon M. Ross – 12th Edition


Introduction to Probability Models; Twelfth Edition; is the latest version of Sheldon Ross’s classic bestseller. This trusted introduces the reader to elementary probability modelling and stochastic processes and shows how probability theory can be applied in such as engineering; science; science; the and social sciences and research.

The hallmark features of this text have been retained in this edition; including a superior style and excellent exercises and examples covering the wide breadth of coverage of probability topics. In addition; many real-world in engineering; science; and economics are included.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Probability Theory
2. Random Variables
3. Conditional Probability and Conditional Expectation
4. Markov Chains
5. The Exponential Distribution and the Poisson Process
6. Continuous-Time Markov Chains
7. Renewal Theory and Its Applications
8. Queueing Theory
9. Reliability Theory
10. Brownian Motion and Stationary Processes
11. Simulation
12. Coupling

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