Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management – Frank Reilly – 8th Edition


AND , Eighth Edition, teaches readers how to manage their money to derive the maximum benefit from what they earn.It mixes investment instruments and with theoretical detail on evaluating investments and opportunities to satisfy risk-return objectives–as well as offers insight on how investment and theory are influenced by globalization. Providing a solid foundation in investments, the is an excellent resource for those with both a theoretical and practical need for investment expertise.

Table of Contents

The investment background
 The Investment Setting
 The Asset Allocation Decision
 Selecting Investments in a Global Market
 Organization and Functioning of Securities Markets
 Security-Market Indicator Series.
 Developments in investment theory
 Efficient Capital Markets
 An Introduction to Portfolio Management
 An Introduction to Asset Pricing Models
 Extensions and Testing of Asset Pricing Theories
 Analysis and management of bonds
 Bond Fundamentals
 The Analysis and Valuation of Bonds
 Bond Portfolio Management Strategies
 Valuation principles and practices
 Analysis of Financial Statements
 An Introduction to Security Valuation
 The Analysis of Alternative Economies and Security Markets: The Global Asset Allocation Decision
 Analysis of common stocks
 Stock-Market Analysis
 Industry Analysis
 Company Analysis and Stock Selection
 Technical Analysis
 Equity Portfolio Management Strategies
 Derivative security analysis
 An Introduction to Derivative Markets and Securities
 Forward and Futures Contracts.
 Option Contracts
 Swap Contracts, Convertible Securities, and Other Embedded Derivatives
 Investment companies and evaluating portfolio performance
 Professional Asset Management
 Evaluation of Portfolio Performance
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