Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management – F. Reilly, K. Brown – 7th Edition


Penned by a widely respected author team, this investments text takes an empirical approach to explaining current, real-world practice. Providing the most comprehensive coverage available, the text emphasizes investment alternatives and teaches students how to analyze these choices and manage their portfolio. Like the editions before it, the sixth edition includes excellent coverage of portfolio theory, capital market theory, security analysis, and international investments.

The purpose of this is to help you learn how to manage your money to derive the maximum benefit from what you earn. Mixing investment instruments and with the theoretical detail on evaluating investments and opportunities to satisfy risk-return objectives along with how investment and theory is influenced by globalization leaves readers with the mindset on investments to serve them well.

The material is intended to be rigorous and empirical yet not overly quantitative. We continue with unparalleled international coverage, newly rewritten and reorganized derivatives material to be more intuitive and clearer, three additional chapters on derivatives pricing for those who want more detail, rewritten material on multifactor models of risk and return, and new CFA problems for more on computations concerning investment decisions.

To manage money and investments, one needs to learn about investment alternatives and develop a way of analyzing and thinking about investments that will be of benefit and allow a foundation as new and investment opportunities become available.

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Table of Contents

I. The Investment Background
The Investment Setting
The Asset Allocation Decision
Selecting Investments in a Global Market
Organization and Functioning of Securities Markets
Security Market Indicator Series
Sources of Information on Global Investments

II. Developments in Investment Theory
Efficient Capital Markets
An Introduction to Portfolio Management
An Introduction to Asset Pricing Models
Extensions and Testing of Asset Pricing Models
An Introduction to Derivative Markets and Securities

III. Valuation Principles and Practices
Analysis of Financial Statements
Introduction to Security Valuation
An Analysis of Alternative Economies and Security Markets: The Global Asset Allocation Decision

IV. Analysis and Management of Bonds
Bond Fundamentals
The Valuation of Bonds
Bond Portfolio Management Strategies

V. Analysis and Management of Common Stock
Stock Market Analysis
Industry Analysis
Company and Stock Analysis
Technical Analysis
Equity Portfolio Management

VI. Derivative Security Analysis
Forwards and Futures Contracts
Option Contracts
Swap Contracts, Convertible Securities, and Other Embedded Derivatives

VII. Analysis of Alternative Assets and Portfolio Performance
Investment Companies

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Hi thanks for this The book is interesting, nicely explained material.

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