Learn Business Analytics in Six Steps Using SAS and R – Subhashini Sharma – 1st Edition


Apply analytics to business using two very popular software tools, SAS and R. No matter your , this book will provide you with the and insights you and your business partners need to make better faster.

Learn Business Analytics in Six Steps Using SAS and R teaches you how to solve problems and execute projects through the “DCOVA and I” (Define, Collect, Organize, Visualize, Analyze, and Insights) . You no longer need to choose between the two most popular software tools. This book puts the best of both worlds—SAS and R—at your fingertips to solve a myriad of problems, whether relating to data , finance, usage, product development, or any other business discipline.

What You’ll Learn

*Use the DCOVA and I process: Define, Collect, Organize, Visualize, Analyze and Insights.
*Harness both SAS and R, the star analytics technologies in the industry
*Use various tools to solve significant business challenges
*Understand how the tools relate to business analytics
*See seven case studies for hands-on practice

Who This Book Is For

This book is for all IT professionals, especially data analysts, as well as anyone who
*Likes to solve business problems and is good with logical thinking and numbers
*Wants to enter the analytics world and is looking for a structured book to reach that goal
*Is currently working on SAS , R, or any other analytics software and strives to use its full power

Table of Contents

•The Process of Analytics
•Accessing SAS and R
•Using SAS and R
•Discover Basic Information About Data Using SAS and R
•Probability Using SAS and R
•Samples and Sampling Distributions Using SAS and R
•Confidence Intervals and Sanctity of Analysis Using SAS and R
•Insight Generation
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