Learning Android Game Programming – Richard A. Rogers – 1st Edition


Android Programming brings together all the knowledge and sample code that even casual or “junior” Android developers need to develop low-budget 2D games with and . For the first time, it makes Android game development practical for thousands of developers who don’t have the resources to build highly-complex 3D games.

Rather than focusing on difficult, highly-optimized native C libraries, this relies on the far more accessible AndEngine framework and Java/Dalvik virtual machine.

The book starts with an up-to-the-minute overview of today’s Android games marketplace, reviews each leading genre, and teaches you the foundational concepts of game development. You’ll design a simple game, then master every step of game development with AndEngine—the powerful, open source, free game-development engine. Every chapter teaches with sample code you can actually use, including many examples drawn from the published game, Virgins Versus Vampires (V3).

Table of Contents

  1. Mobile Games.

  2. Game Elements and Tools.

  3. The Game Loop and Menus.

  4. Scenes Layers Transitions and Modifiers.

  5. Drawing and Sprites.

  6. Animation.

  7. Text.

  8. User Input.

  9. Sound.

  10. Physics.

  11. Artificial Intelligence.

  12. Scoring and Collisions.

  13. Multimedia Extensions.

  14. Game Integration.

  15. Testing and Publishing.

  16. Exercise Solutions.
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