Learning SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services – Jayaram Krishnaswamy – 1st Edition


“Microsoft Server Reporting 2008 is Microsoft’s third generation reporting that is more tightly integrated with Server 2008 than ever. It provides a complete server-based platform that is configured to support a wide variety of reporting needs; including managed reports; purpose reports; integrated reports and specific web reports.

Ideal for beginners who need to create reports as quickly as possible; this will guide you through practical examples to teach a wide range of skills to report with SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services. A series of selected exercises help you the most important aspects of report creation. “At the end of the book; you will have the confidence to take on the most complex reports and produce reports that will envy your organization.”

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Table of Contents

• What you will learn from this book?
• Install SQL Server 2008 and configure the SQL Server Reporting Services
• Learn the various components and tools that enable end-to-end support for all reporting activities
• Use the report viewer control to get started with the essentials of retrieving and displaying data
• Create a Report Model using the Visual Studio 2008 Template
• Learn to modify reports on a report server and create linked files with report manager
• Embed Microsoft Report Viewer Controls in web and Windows applications
• Create interactive reports with charts and gauges using Report Builder
• Create several kinds of reports with Report Builder 2.0
• Create server reports and report models and deploy them
• Get the full details of available programming interfaces and their usage
• Learn to work with Crystal Reports 2008
• Import reports created using MS Access
• Learn how to use the Programming API, convert Report file types, use command-line utilities and more

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