Macroeconomics – R. Glenn Hubbard, Anthony Patrick Obrien, Matthew Rafferty – 1st Edition


Make the link between theory and the real world easier for students with the most current intermediate macroeconomic text on the market today.
Hubbard; O’Brien and Rafferty realize that the majority of students enrolled in today’s intermediate courses are undergraduate or master’s students who are likely to become entrepreneurs; managers; bankers; stockbrokers; accountants; lawyers or government officials. Very few students will pursue a doctorate. in Given this profile; the new text by Hubbard; O’Brien and Rafferty presents intermediate in the context of contemporary events; policies and businesses with an integrated explanation of the current crisis. Comments from students and instructors tell us that Hubbard; O’Brien and Rafferty help make the link between theory and the real world easier for students.

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Table of Contents

R. Glenn Hubbard, Columbia University
Tony O'Brien, University of Lehigh
Matt Rafferty, University of Quinnipiac
Table of Contents

Part I: Introduction
Chapter 1: The long and short of macroeconomics
Chapter 2: Measurement of total production and income
Chapter 3: The financial system

Part II: Long-term macroeconomics: economic growth
Chapter 4: Aggregate production and potential GDP
Chapter 5: Long-term economic growth
Chapter 6: Money and inflation
Chapter 7: The labor market

Part III: Short-term macroeconomics: theory and politics
Chapter 8: Business Cycles
Chapter 9: IS-MP: a short-term macroeconomic model
Chapter 9 Appendix: IS-LM: an alternative short-term macroeconomic model
Chapter 10: Monetary Policy
Chapter 11: Fiscal Policy
Chapter 12: Aggregate demand, aggregate supply and monetary policy

Part IV: Extensions
Chapter 13: Long-term implications of fiscal policy
Chapter 14: Consumption and Investment
Chapter 15: Balance of payments, exchange rates and macroeconomic policy

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