Material Science – S. L. Kakani, Amit Kakani – 1st Edition


This book provides an extensive coverage of Engineering Materials for BTech. AMIE, MSc. (Material ), MSc.(Chemistry) students of all Indian and foreign Universities. In ten chapters, the book deals with all recent advances in Engineering Materials.

Chapter 2 deals with Bonding and of Materials. Special Chapters on , Polymers, , Smart (Intelligent) Materials, Nanomaterials, Metamaterials and Nonlinear Optical Materials make book quite useful for advanced studies and .

Table of Contents

1. Classification and Selection of Materials
2. Atomic Structure, and Electronic Configuration
3. Crystal Geometry, Structure and Defects
4. Bonds in Solids
5. Electron Theory of Metals
6. Photoelectric Effect
7. Diffusion in Solids
8. Mechanical Properties of Materials and Mechanical Tests
9. Alloy Systems, Phase Diagrams and Phase Transformations
10. Heat Treatment
11. Deformation of Materials
12. Oxidation and Corrosion
13. Thermal and Optical Properties of Materials
14. Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Materials
15. Semiconductors
16. Superconductivity and Superconducting Materials
17. Organic Materials: Polymers and Elastomers
18. Composites
19. Nanostructured Materials
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