Materials for Engineering – John Wilson Martin – 3rd Edition


This third edition of what has become a modern classic presents a lively overview of that is ideal for students of structural engineering. It contains chapters on the of materials, the determination of properties, metals and alloys, glasses and ceramics, organic polymeric materials and composite materials.

It contains a section with thought-provoking questions as well as a series of useful appendices. Tabulated data in the body of the text, and the appendices, have been selected to increase the value of Materials for as a permanent source of to readers throughout their professional lives. The Second edition was awarded Choice’s Outstanding Academic Title award in 2003. This third edition includes new information on emerging topics and updated lists.

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  • Part 1 Characterisation of engineering materials
    The structure of engineering materials
    The determination of mechanical properties

    Part 2 Structure / property relationships
    Metals and alloys
    Glasses and ceramics
    Organic polymeric materials
    Composite materials
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