Mathematical Methods for Physicists – Arfken & Weber – 3rd Edition


, Third Edition provides an advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate study in science, focusing on the of theoretical physics. This edition includes sections on the non-Cartesian tensors, dispersion theory, first-order equations, numerical application of Chebyshev , the fast Fourier transform, and functions.

Many of the physical examples provided in this , which are used to illustrate the of mathematics, are taken from the fields of theory and quantum . The Hermitian operators, Hilbert space, and concept of completeness are also deliberated. This book is beneficial to students studying graduate level physics, particularly theoretical physics.

Table of Contents

Determinants and Matrices
Vector Analysis
Tensors and Differential Forms
Vector Spaces
Eigenvalue Problems
Ordinary Differential Equations
Sturm-Liouville Theory
Partial Differential Equations
Green's Functions
Complex Variable Theory
Further Topics in Analysis
Gamma Function
Bessel Functions
Legendre Functions
Angular Momentum
Group Theory
More Special Functions
Fourier Series
Integral Transforms
Integral Equations
Calculus of Variations
Probability and Statistics
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