Mathematical Methods for Physicists – Arfken & Weber – 7th Edition


Now in its 7th edition, , Arfken & Weber continues to provide all the mathematical methods that aspiring are likely to encounter as students and beginning researchers. This bestselling text provides mathematical relations and their proofs essential to the study of and related fields.

While retaining the key features of the 6th edition, the new edition provides a more careful balance of explanation, theory, and examples. Taking a problem-solving-skills approach to incorporating theorems with , the book’s improved focus will help students succeed throughout their academic careers and well into their professions.

Some notable enhancements include more refined and focused content in important topics, improved , updated notations, extensive explanations and intuitive exercise sets, a wider range of problem solutions, improvement in the placement, and a wider range of difficulty of exercises.

  • Revised and updated version of the leading text in mathematical physics
  • Focuses on problem-solving skills and active learning, offering numerous chapter problems
  • Clearly identified definitions, theorems, and proofs promote clarity and understanding

Table of Contents

1. Mathematical Preliminaries
2. Determinants and Matrices
3. Vector Analysis
4. Tensors and Differential Forms
5. Vector Spaces
6. Eigenvalue Problems
7. Ordinary Differential Equations
8. Sturm-Liouville Theory
9. Partial Differential Equations
10. Green's Functions
11. Complex Variable Theory
12. Further Topics in Analysis
13. Gamma Function
14. Bessel Functions
15. Legendre Functions
16. Angular Momentum
17. Group Theory
18. More Special Functions
19. Fourier Series
20. Integral Transforms
21. Integral Equations
22. Calculus of Variations
23. Probability and Statistics
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