Mathematical Tools for Physics – James Nearing – 1st Edition


Having the right answer doesn’t guarantee understanding. Encouraging students’ development of intuition, this original work begins with a review of basic mathematics and advances to infinite series, complex algebra, differential equations, and Fourier series.

Succeeding chapters explore multivariable and vector calculus, partial differential equations, numerical and complex analysis, tensors, complex analysis, and more. 2010 edition.

Table of Contents

 Basic Stuff
 Infinite Series
 Complex Algebra
 Ordinary Differential Equations
 Fourier Series
 Vector Spaces
 Operators and Matrices
 Multivariable Calculus
 Vector Calculus I
 Partial Differential Equations
 Numerical Analysis
 Vector Calculus II
 Complex Variables
 Fourier Analysis
 Calculus of Variations
 Densities, Distributions



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