Mathematics for Engineers – Georges Fiche – 1st Edition


This book offers comprehensive coverage of all the mathematical needed by engineers in the field of processing and transport of all forms of information, data and images – as well as many other engineering disciplines. It provides essential theories, equations and results in probability theory and statistics, which constitute the basis for the presentation of ,information theory, traffic and queueing theory, and reliability. The mathematical of simulation are also covered.

The book’s accessible style will enable , engineers and researches new to this area to advance their of communication and other engineering technologies; however, it will also serve as a useful reference guide to anyone wishing to further explore this field.

Table of Contents

<b>Chapter 1. </b>Probability Theory.
<b>Chapter 2. </b>Probability Laws.
<b>Chapter 3.</b> Statistics.
<b>Chapter 4. </b>Signal Theory.
<b>Chapter 5.</b> Information and Coding Theory.
<b>Chapter 6. </b>Traffic Queueing Theory.
<b>Chapter 7. </b>Reliability Theory.
<b>Chapter 8. </b>Simulation.
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