Mathematics for Physicists – Susan Lea – 2nd Edition


This essential new text by Dr. Susan Lea will help undergraduate and graduate student hone their mathematical skills. Ideal for the one-semester course, has been extensively class-tested at San Francisco State University–and the response has been enthusiastic from and instructors alike.

Because are often uncomfortable using the mathematical that they learned in their undergraduate courses, provides students with the necessary to hone those skills. Lea designed the text specifically for students by using physics to teach mathematical concepts.

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Table of Contents

1. Describing the Universe.
2. Complex Variables.
3. Differential Equations.
4. Fourier Series.
5. Laplace Transforms.
6. Generalized Functions in Physics.
7. Fourier Transforms.
8. The Sturm-Liouville Theory.

Optional Topics.
A. Tensors.
B. Group Theory.
C. Green's Functions.
D. Approximate Evaluation of Integrals.
E. Calculus of Variations.

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