MATLAB for Engineers – Holly Moore – 3rd Edition


for , 3e, is ideal for Freshman or Introductory courses in Engineering and Computer Science.

With a hands-on approach and focus on problem solving, this introduction to the powerful MATLAB computing language is designed for with only a basic college background. Numerous examples are drawn from a range of engineering disciplines, demonstrating MATLAB’s to a broad variety of .

This is included in Prentice Hall’s ESource series. ESource allows professors to select the content appropriate for their freshman/first-year engineering course. Professors can adopt the published manuals as is or use ESource’s website to view and select the chapters they need, in the sequence they want. The option to add their own material or copyrighted material from other publishers also exists.

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Table of Contents

1. About MATLAB.
2. MATLAB environment.
3. Built-in MATLAB functions.
4. Manipulating MATLAB matrices.
5. Plotting.
6. User-defined functions.
7. User-controlled input and output.
8. Logical functions and control structures.
9. Matrix algebra.
10. Other kinds of arrays.
11. Symbolic mathematics.
12. Numerical techniques.
13. Advanced graphics
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