Matlab – Stormy Attaway – 2nd Edition


Assuming no knowledge of programming, this book presents both programming concepts and MATLAB’s built-in functions, providing a perfect platform for exploiting MATLAB’s extensive capabilities for tackling problems.

It starts with programming concepts such as variables, assignments, input/output, and selection statements, moves onto loops and then solves using both the ‘programming concept’ and the ‘ of MATLAB’ side-by-side. In-depth coverage is given to input/output, a topic that is fundamental to many applications.

* Presents programming concepts and MATLAB built-in functions side-by-side, giving students the ability to program efficiently and exploit the of MATLAB to solve problems.
* In depth coverage of file input/output, a topic essential for many applications
* Systematic, step-by-step approach, on concepts throughout the book, facilitating easier
* Sections on ‘common pitfalls’ and ‘programming guidelines’ direct students towards best

New to this edition:

* More applications help the reader learn Matlab in the context of solving technical problems
* New and revised end of chapter problems
* Stronger coverage of loops and vectorizing in a new chapter, chapter 5
Updated to reflect current features and functions of the current release of Matlab

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Table of Contents

Introduction to MATLAB
MATLAB programs
Selection Statements
Introduction to User-defined Functions
String Manipulation
Data Structures
File Input/Ouput
Advanced Functions
Matrix Operations
Solving Systems of Linear Algebraic Equations
Symbolic Mathematics
Curve fitting
Sight and Sounds

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