Fluid Mechanics – Frank White – 5th Edition


The fifth edition of continues the tradition of precision, accuracy, accessibility and strong conceptual presentation. The author balances three separate approaches—integral, differential and experimental—to provide a foundation for mechanics concepts and .

Chapter 1 now provides a more student-accessible introduction to the field. After covering the basics in the first six chapters, the author moves on to applications, with chapters on ducts, immersed bodies, potential flow, , open channel flow and turbomachinery. New material on CFD is included in Chapter 7 to give a sense of its importance in modern engineering practice.

The fifth edition includes a new problem-solving methodology, introduced at the beginning of the and used consistently in worked-out examples. 1,650 chapter problems are now included, organized into several problem types.

Students can progress from general ones to those involving design, multiple steps and computer usage. Word problems are included to build readers’ conceptual understanding of the subject, and FE Exam problems (in multiple-choice format) are included.

A CD-ROM containing the Limited Academic Version of EES (Engineering Equation Solver) software is also included so that students can effectively use the computer to , solve and modify typical fluid mechanics problems. Appendix E describes EES’ use and application to fluid mechanics.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Pressure Distribution in a Fluid
Chapter 3: Integral Relations for a Control Volume
Chapter 4: Differential Relations for Fluid Flow
Chapter 5: Dimensional Analysis and Similarity
Chapter 6: Viscous Flow in Ducts
Chapter 7: Flow Past Immersed Bodies
Chapter 8: Potential Flow and Computational Fluid Dynamics
Chapter 9: Compressible Flow
Chapter 10: Open-Channel Flow
Chapter 11: Turbomachinery
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