Mechanical Engineer’s Data Handbook – James Carvill – 1st Edition


There are several good engineering data books on the market, but these tend to be very bulky and expensive, and are usually only available in libraries as reference books. The Mechnical Engineer Data Manual has been compiled with the express intention of providing a compact but complete source of information of special value to the engineer, whether in the office,
Drawing office, research and development department or in situ. It should also be useful for production , chemists, miners, , electrical and construction, and for professors and students of universities, polytechnics and universities. Although it is intended to be a personal manual, it must also find its way into the libraries of engineering establishments and teaching institutions.
The Manual of Data of the Mechanical Engineer covers the main disciplines of the mechanical engineering and incorporates basic principles, formulas for an easy substitution, of properties and much descriptive matter supported by numerous illustrations. It also contains a complete glossary of technical terms and a complete index for easy cross-reference. I would like to thank my colleagues at the University of Northumbria, in Newcastle, for their constructive suggestions and helpful criticisms, and my wife Anne for her help and patience to help me prepare this book.

Table of Contents

1. Strength of materials
2. A p p l i mechanics
3. Tbennodyanmics and heat transfer
4. Fluid mechanics
5. Manufacturing technology
6. Engineering materials
7. Engineering measurements
8. General data
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