Mechanical Measurements – Figliola, Beasley – 4th Edition


Now revised to reflect the latest standards and advances, Figliola and Beasley’s Fourth Edition provides a timely and in-depth to the theory of measurements, measurement system performance, and instrumentation.

The authors show you how to develop, operate, and analyze measurement and report results. The text covers uncertainty and measurements in one unified presentation, introducing you to the most powerful experimental available.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Basic Concepts of Measurement Methods
Chapter 2: Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Signals
Chapter 3: Measurement System Behavior
Chapter 4: Probability and Statistics
Chapter 5: Uncertainty Analysis
Chapter 6: Analog Electrical Devices and Measurements
Chapter 7: Sampling, Digital Devices and Data Acquisition
Chapter 8: Temperature Measurements
Chapter 9: Pressure and Velocity Measurements
Chapter 10: Flow Measurements
Chapter 11: Strain Measurements
Chapter 12: Metrology, Motion, Force and Power Measurements
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