Mechanical Measurements – Figliola, Beasley – 5th Edition


Figliola and Beasley’s Fifth Edition provides revised material for with important updates on coverage of probability and and uncertainty analysis, including added material on Monte Carlo simulation, digital image processing, and with revised coverage of signal acquisition, conditioning, and processing.

Maintaining and upon its signature comprehensive coverage using focused examples to aid understanding, this text provides a timely and in-depth reference to the theory and the applications of measurements, measurement performance, and instrumentation.

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Table of Contents

1. Basic concepts of measurement methods 1
2. Static and dynamic characteristics of signals 37
3. Measurement system behavior 72
4. Probability and statistics 109
5. Uncertainty analysis 148
6. Analog electrical devices and measurements 191
7. Sampling, digital devices, and data acquisition 235
8. Temperature measurements 282
9. Pressure and velocity measurements 341
10. Flow mesurements 385
11. Strain measurement 425
12. Mechatronics: Sensors, actuators, and controls 460
Appendix A. A guide for technical writing 515
Appendix B. Property data and conversion factors 523
Appendix C. Laplace transform basics 529

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