Mechanical Vibrations – Singiresu S. Rao – 4th Edition


With an emphasis on techniques of analysis, it gives expanded explanations of the , focusing on physical significance and interpretation that build upon ’ previous experience. The covers all the relevant topics of analysis. The material is presented in a simple manner, easy to read, follow and understand. Moreover, illustrations are simple, yet complete and serve well the presented material and solution strategy and methodology.

The chapters are excellently written and presented. What I like about this text is that it includes all the steps in arriving an equation or conclusion and the to the example are very detailed.

Table of Contents

1 Basic Concepts of Vibration
2 Free Vibration of Single Degree of Freedom Systems
3 Harmonically Excited Vibration
4 Vibration Under General Forcing Conditions
5 Two Degree of Freedom Systems
6 Multidegree of Freedom Systems
7 Determination of Natural Frequencies and Mode Shapes
8 Continuous Systems
9 Vibration Control
10 Vibration Measurement and Applications
11 Numerical Integration Methods in Vibration Analysis
12 Finite Element Method
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