Mechanics of Fluids – Irving Shames – 4th Edition


The new 4th Edition lessens the amount of advanced coverage, and concentrates on the topics covered in typical first courses in Fluid Mechanics, while remaining a rigorous introductory level fluids with a strong conceptual approach to fluids based on mechanics principles. from Mechanical, Civil, Aero, and Science departments will benefit from this title.

Students find , Mechanics of Fluids to be readable while having strong coverage of underlying math and physics principles. Shames’ book provides an especially clear link between the basics of fluid flow and advanced courses such or viscous fluid flow. It also includes Matlab applications for the first time, giving students a way to link fluid mechanics problem-solving with the most widely used & problem modeling tool.

Table of Contents

1 Basic Principles of Fluid Mechanics
1 Fundamental Notions
A Fluid Concepts
B Mechanics Considerations
2 Fluid Statics
3 Foundations of Flow Analysis
4 Basic Laws for Finite Systems and Finite Control Volumes I: Continuity and Momentum
5 Basic Laws for Finite Systems and Finite Control Volumes II: Thermodynamics
6 Differential Forms of the Basic Laws
7 Dimensional Analysis and Similitude

2 Analysis of Important Internal Flows
8 Incompressible Viscous Flow Through Pipes
9 General Incompressible Viscous Flow: The Navier-Stokes Equations
10 One-Dimensional Compressible Flow

3 Analysis of Important External Flows
11 Potential Flow
12 Boundary-Layer Theory
13 Free-Surface Flow
14 Computational Fluid Mechanics

Answers to Selected Problems
Selective List of Advanced or Specialized Books on Fluid Mechanics
Appendix A
A-1 General First Law Development
A-2 Prand's Universal Law of Friction
A-3 Mollier Chart
Appendix B Curves and Tables
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