Mechanics of Materials – James Gere, Stephen Timoshenko – 5th Edition


The Fifth Edition of continues its legacy as the classic, definitive textbook for solid mechanics. This new edition has been edited and polished for clarity throughout, while care has been taken to preserve the highly praised features of the earlier editions. The text maintains an emphasis on presenting the fundamental concepts and of mechanics of materials in a manner that develops understanding along with analytical and problem-solving skills.

The aim of this volume is to cover the standard topics of as well as subject matter of a more advanced and specialized nature. The topics discussed include the analysis and of members subjected to axial loads, torsion and bending, as well as such fundamental concepts as stress, strain, elastic and inelastic behaviour and strain energy.

Other topics of general interest are the of stress and strain, stress concentrations, of beams, behaviour of columns and energy methods. More specialized subjects are thermal and prestrain effects, pressure vessels, nonprismatic members, discontinuity functions, shear centre and inelastic bending. The book is designed in such a way that have the opportunity to select the topics that they feel are the most fundamental and relevant. Each section includes a number of problems for homework assignments and discussions.

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  • 1. Tension, Compression, and Shear.
    2. Axially Loaded Members.
    3. Torsion.
    4. Shear Forces and Bending Moments.
    5. Stresses In Beams (Basic Topics).
    6. Stresses In Beams (Advanced Topics).
    7. Analysis of Stress And Strain.
    8. Applications of Plane Stress (Pressure Vessels, Beams, And Combined Loadings).
    9. Deflections of Beams.
    10. Statistically Indeterminate Beams.
    11. Columns.
    12. Review Of Centroids and Moments of Inertia.

    References and Historical Notes.

    A. Systems of Units and Conversion Factors.
    B. Problem Solving.
    C. Mathematical Formulas.
    D. Properties of Plane Areas.
    E. Properties of Structural-Steel Shapes.
    F. Properties of Structural Lumber.
    G. Deflections and Slopes of Beams.
    H. Properties of Materials.
    Answers to Problems.
    Name Index.
    Subject Index.
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