Mechanics of Materials – James M. Gere – 6th Edition


the Sixth Edition of this continues its tradition as the leading text in Mechanics of Materials. With its hallmark clarity and accuracy, this text develops student understanding along with analytical and problem-solving skills. The main topics are the analysis and of structural members subjected to tension, compression, torsion, bending, and more. The book includes more material than can be taught in a single course so instructors have the opportunity to select the topics they wish to cover.

Mechanics of materials is a subject that must be understood by anyone concerned with the strength and physical performance of structures, whether those are man-made or natural. The subject matter includes such fundamental concepts as stresses and strains, deformations and displacements, and inelasticity, strain energy, and load-carrying capacity. These concepts underlie the and analysis of a huge variety of mechanical and structural systems.

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Table of Contents

  1. Tension, Compression, and Shear

  2. Axially Loaded Members

  3. Torsion

  4. Shear Forces and Bending Moments

  5. Stresses in Beams (Basic Topics)

  6. Stresses in Beams (Advanced Topics)

  7. Analysis of Stress and Strain

  8. Applications of Plane Stress

  9. (Pressure Vessels, Beams, and Combined Loadings)

  10. Deflections of Beams

  11. Statically Indeterminate Beams

  12. Columns

  13. Review of Centroids and Moments of Inertia

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