Mechanics of Materials – Russell C. Hibbeler – 4th Edition


For undergraduate Mechanics of Materials courses in Mechanical, Civil, and Aerospace departments.This text provides a clear, comprehensive presentation of both the theory and of mechanics of materials. It examines the behavior of materials under load, then proceeds to model this behavior to development theory.

The contents of each chapter are organized into well-defined units that allow instructors great flexibility in emphasis. combines a fluid style, cohesive organization, outstanding illustrations, and dynamic use of exercises, examples, and free body diagrams to help prepare tomorrow’s engineers.

Table of Contents

1. Stress.
2. Strain.
3. Mechanical Properties of Materials.
4. Axial Load.
5. Torsion.
6. Bending.
7. Transverse Shear.
8. Combined Loadings.
9. Stress Transformation.
10. Strain Transformation.
11. Design of Beams and Shafts.
12. Deflections of Beams and Shafts.
13. Buckling of Columns.
14. Energy Methods.
Appendix A: Geometric Properties of an Area.
Appendix B: Geometrical Properties of Structural Shapes.
Appendix C: Slopes and Definitions of Beams.
Appendix D: Review for the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam.
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