Mechanics of Materials – Beer & Johnston – 6th Edition


Beer and ’s of is the uncontested leader for the teaching of solid mechanics. Used by thousands of around the globe since its publication in 1981, Mechanics of , provides a precise presentation of the subject illustrated with numerous engineering examples that students both understand and relate to theory and application.

The tried and true methodology for presenting material gives your the best opportunity to succeed in this course. From the detailed examples, to the homework , to the carefully developed , you and your students can be confident the material is clearly explained and accurately represented.

If you want the best book for your students, we feel Beer, Johnston’s , 6th edition is your only choice.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction--Concept of Stress
2 Stress and Strain--Axial Loading
3 Torsion
4 Pure Bending
5 Analysis and Design of Beams for Bending
6 Shearing Stresses in Beams and Thin-Walled Members
7 Transformations of Stress and Strain
8 Principal Stresses Under a Given Loading
9 Deflection of Beams
10 Columns
11 Energy Methods

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